About Us

Empowering Families to Thrive

FEC offers programs that help improve quality of life, while providing documentation of results on a monthly and quarterly basis. We provide analytics of those served, along with the number served. We also analyze those that facilitate our services. We do this because we believe a child, an individual, a family, and a community deserve the opportunity for provable and measurable progress and improvement. Purpose led and performance driven results make the difference.

At FEC, we believe that building character, educational abilities, and capabilities provides a personal and financial return on investment, helps engage and build community, helps prevent costly detention and imprisonment, and lowers costly potential crime. Purpose led and performance driven results make the difference.

Meet The Founder

Rod Love is an advocate for economic development and empowerment of underserved communities in Florida. His passion is to empower families, individuals, and communities through purpose led and performance driven programs in the State of Florida. Rod believes that purpose comes from the heart and performance comes from the brain. This belief has led Rod and his team to realize that a passion to help youth, individuals, families, and communities through heartfelt actions, must be backed by brainpower that allows FEC to effectively measure the effectiveness of actions taken, programs offered, and their results. Rod states that; “For our purpose to be effective, our performance must be deliverable.”     

Rod is a strategic and tactical executive with a proven track record in business and management development. He has a rich background in the State of Florida that includes being; President of FEC, an Orange County City Commissioner, President of Community Synergy Group (CSG), Deputy Secretary of the State Department of Juvenile Justice, and a Division Manager for the Metropolitan Orlando Urban League.