What is CPAS?

CPAS (Contract Performance Analysis System) helps your organization deliver the best service to your clients while managing your staff more effectively efficiently. Accountability is very important when your organization provides services to clients. Your organization needs to track and measure performance and your services need to be organized and validated. CPAS makes tracking, validating, and reporting your organizations work a snap!

CPAS is a very powerful and effective software program, designed from extensive experience, that helps you manage your staff and clients competently and easily. It prevents frustrations, while saving labor, time, and money. CPAS allows secure and easy access to your data on a desktop or mobile device, anywhere at any time. Tricky downloads and complicated installations are not required. Accountability requirements for staff and clients are solved with CPAS. It provides seamless data collection, organization, along with reliable reporting and invoicing. CPAS also helps tremendously with client satisfaction and retention. CPAS also generates recurring revenue data, without wasting hours of your time doing so. 

CPAS Client & Staff Management

All client and staff information can be viewed on a powerful admin dashboard. Filters can be easily set by date, location, service type, and more. Client feedback and approval can be captured on the spot, and a built-in validation and signature feature is included. CPAS allows you to choose flexible and scalable client and staff information systems. Clients and staff can easily be added or deleted as needed.

CPAS Reporting

CPAS allows users to create required and analytical reports in minutes with a quick and easy report generation feature. It allows users to automate data compilation and perform an analysis for efficiency. It keeps users from spending hours on creating reports for services rendered. CPAS keeps users from missing something related to clients or staff services.